Introduction to Susurate Targets

Targets have been added to Susurate to measure the performance of a program. 

Susurate Super Admins can set targets to outline the aim of the program and what the program is trying to achieve within the timeframe of the initiative eg. monthly, quarterly or annually or even daily.  This is an important feature of Susurate because the targets will inform users how the program is performing and whether it is achieving its intended outcome. 

Here are some examples of targets that can be set to measure the performance of an initiative.

Children fed

Feeding days 

Centre visits


Active members

No. of employees

Funding spent

Setting up Targets and Generating Target Reports

Targets can be set up by Super Admin users. They can be set for an Initiative or for an Organisation. 

Setting up an Initiative Target

1. Within the Susurate feature, go to the initiative page and select the initiatives that you would like to set a target for. 

2. Within the Summary page of the selected initiative, opt to view the indicators as a table by checking the box

3.  Click on the Initiative target button for the indicator that you would like to set a target for.

4. Input the target information and click 'Update target'.

Setting up an Organisation Target

1. Go to Organisations and click on the organisation you would like to set targets for. 


2.  You will land on a 'Quick Stats' page which will list your Initiatives. In the table of your chosen initiative eg. Global Feeding Progam', go to the table and in the Target column, click on the specific target you would like to set. eg. Children Fed

3. Enter your target and click 'Update target'

Generating a Target Report for an Organisation

1.  Go to Organisations and click on the organisation you would like to generate a report for.

2.  Within the organisation's page, click on the Report now button. 

3. Select the time period for your report. 

4. Input all relevant data into fields (take note of the box on the right-hand side of target that shows an instant view of how you are performing against the set target). Click on Submit report.