• Learn how to use the Expiry Automation for Due Diligence Feature as an Organisation Administrator
  • Understand what happens when your organisation has forms that have expired that have not been updated

An organisation administrator duties involve managing the submission of compliance forms that need to be submitted annually. Expired forms will limit some of the functionality on the organisation and none compliance could lead to your organisation being marked as inactive. This will mean that you will no longer have access to the organisation profile or any data regarding your organisation.

Submitting your Due Diligence

If the feature is setup, you will need to capture the expiry date for the form you are submitting, or as per the request describe on the form for you. However if there is no form, the expiry date will be set for the entire submission/ form.

This will allow the system to automatically send you a reminder via email of when your compliance documents are expiring.

You will receive notifications 

  • 30 days before the forms expire
  • 5 days before the forms expire 
  • On the day of the expiry

A final reminder will be sent 30 days after the expiry date after which the organisation profile might be marked as inactive. 

To update your forms you can: 

  • Click on Update Now directly from the Email
  • Clicking on Suspend alerts will stop the system from sending you reminders 


  • Login as a User
  • Navigate and click on your organisation
  • Click on the expired validations which will be listed under Due Diligence on your organisation profile

  • Click on Update to upload the updated form
  • Fill in all the required fields and click submit

Users will be able to see alerts regarding the upcoming expires for organisations. These alerts will show up, when relevant on the New Sessions posting pages and the Organisations listing pages. These alerts will only show up 10 days before the expiry date, or once expired.