Indicator Reporting for Sustainability

Monitoring and reporting against set targets is essential for the success and sustainability of any organisation.

The age old saying goes ''You cannot manage what you don't measure"

The Susurate feature enables you to set and track indicators that are key to the success of your business and projects.  Special ScoreCard functionality allows you to set goals and measure performance by simple to use reporting tool. The scorecard could be applied to any compliance that your business or project has to adhere to.

With this feature transformation and sustainability teams are able to see the status of each of your stakeholders per initiative without having to peruse numerous status and project reports. 

You can limit what information your stakeholders have access to while allowing them to complete reports that will feed into their overall Score Card to evidence their performance and compliance at any given time.

Custom fields and file uploads are not enabled currently on the feature, however, it is an update that is coming soon.

This is a paid feature that will need to be activated on your portal before use.


The feature comes with dashboards for users with super administrator rights. These dashboards give a comprehensive overview of all initiatives, impact indicators as well as score cards. 

Initiatives dashboard

The Initiatives dashboards gives you a view of:

  • The different types of initiatives your organisations/stakeholders are engaged in
  • Start and End dates
  • When the reports are due
  • How many and which organisations are linked to each initiative
  • Which initiatives are linked to the initiatives
  • Any estimates set
  • Number of reports received and number of outstanding reports

Impact Indicators dashboard

This dashboard displays:

  • All your impact indicators
  • Their unit measure
  • If they have estimates or not
  • Which indicators are meant for super admins only
  • Number of initiatives that the indicators are linked to

Score Card Dashboard

The Score Card dashboard will give you a summary view of:

  • The different score cards set up on your portal
  • Whether or not they have estimates
  • Which score cards are meant for super administrators only 
  • The number of initiatives the different score cards are linked to


To report on your indicators, you can generate a report as follows: 

  • Go to Organisations in the left-hand menu
  • Select the required organisaion 
  • Click on the 'Report now' button

See Activating Your Feature for help with setting up the Susurate feature.