With the use of Status, you can manage your Opportunities on the portal. Though some of the Status automatically changes over time, you can manually update the Status to change the time of your event. All subscribed members and volunteers will receive a notification. 

This guide will help you understand how to change the Status and give you tips to help you maximize the use of your portal.

Changing Opportunity Status

Note: You need to login first before you can make any changes or updates.

Click the [Organisations] tab on the left-hand sidebar. Find your organisation.

<<Tip>> Use the search function.

Go to [Opportunities] under Activity on your organisation's profile.

<<Tip>> Use the search function.

Find the Opportunity you want to change the Status. Click the words on the blue box under Status.

Note: The status automatically changes to Active or Completed based on the timeline set for the activity.

The drop-down options are:

  • Created
  • Planned
  • Pre-event material sent/downloaded
  • Completed, reporting to be uploaded
  • Cancelled/ Abandoned
  • Active (currently taking place)

Updating the Status - Cancellation

If you change the Status of an Opportunity to Cancelled, all subscribed members and volunteers will receive a notification via email and SMS (if activated, see portal settings). The notification includes a message why the Opportunity was cancelled.

Note: Attendees have to add their email addresses and phone numbers to receive the notifications.

Note: If you update the Status, you might need to change the event date.