You are 1 button away from getting the perfect attendees

Getting the right attendees for your opportunities can take up so much time and effort and often you might still not end up with the right team. The 'invite targeted users' feature allows you to select potential applicants using an automated algorithms and calculations which enables you to invite participants who best fit your requirements and are most likely to show up for the opportunity.

Click 'invite targeted users'

From a specific opportunity, under Manage Participants - if this is activated on your portal - you will find the red 'invite targeted users' button. Click this to invite participants to attend.

This feature uses algorithms and calculations to invite targeted attendees

The portal will make the selection for your best candidates based on the below criteria:

  • If the individual has ever counted into any of your opportunities (under the specific organisation) before
  • Are they subscribed to your (or the specific) organisation
  • Were they ever reported on for any opportunities under this organisation¬†
  • Do they fall within the set tag (set by your Super Admin) for the platform

Your Community

Each organisation has a unique community of users. To read more about Community, you may read more here. When doing invites you can select users from from Community, do this by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your platform
  2. Find and click on your organisation's profile (you need to have admin rights for your organisations profile)
  3. Click Community, under your organisation name
  4. Find Subscribers, or view profiles under your organisation - this is your community

NOTE:  The 'invite targeted user' selects users from your community. These invites learn who is most likely to attend.

<<TIP>> You can only click this button every 24 hours.