The system may allow for duplicates due to the nature of the data the system collects, i.e. a matching first names could sometimes be different people (when somethings that is all the administrators have).

Where to Merge Profiles

Community Global

If you are a Super Admin on a portal, you'll be able to see profiles from across organisations. Here you can sort and search for user profiles. If you come across duplicates; you'll want to merge there. 

Community from Organisations

This is a more specific community of users/profiles which makes management more bearable

From a Profile

If you come across a profile that does not look right (duplicate, errors, etc)

<<TIP>> The red squares show things to look out for which can help you.

Merging the Profile

By Merging you are taking a profile and deleting [or merging] the personal information on the profile and ensuring any data is not lost, such as:

  • Login methods (i.e. facebook/google and email - once merged the user can use multiple login methods for their profile)
  • Administrative rights
  • Subscriptions to organisation
  • Hours achieved
  • Tags Assigned
  • Skills (outcomes achieved)
  • Interests
  • RSVPs
  • etc


  • Find the duplicate profiles - check them to see which one has less info
  • Remove the profile with 'less' data on it

  • Follow the steps and warnings - NB this action cannot be undone

  • Then check the users merged profile and confirm everything is perfect

NB to check before you Merge a Profile

  1. Are the two profiles for the same people?
  2. Have you checked their emails addresses, mobile numbers, ID Numbers or any other personal info about them to ensure they are not unique persons?

If you need to delete a user, please read more here.