Removing a Duplicate Profile

A user, for some reasons, could have create more than one account. Remove the other accounts (while merging the info) so the user's activities can be recorded under one social employability profile.


  1. Learn the checklist of merging data from duplicate profiles before removing them
  2. Learn how to remove a duplicate profile

Checklist of Merging Data from Duplicate Profiles Before Removing Them

Before deleting a certain duplicate profile, you will have to check its data first and merge it with the original profile to avoid data being lost.

  1. Are the profiles referring to one person?
  2. Are personal information similar?
    • Email
    • Mobile number
    • Address

How to remove a duplicate profile?

To start, click Community at the left-hand sidebar.

Clicking Community brings you to the Community Leaderboard page.

Use the search bar and write the name of the user.

The search bar helps you find the profile of interest faster.

Before removing the duplicate profile, examine first the profiles of interest by clicking the user's name. Remove the profile with lesser data.

Clicking the user's name brings you to the user's profile page.

Once you are sure which one to delete, click the wrench icon at the right side of the duplicate profile page and select Remove duplicate from the drop-down menu.

Clicking Remove duplicate brings you to the Remove duplicate profile page.

Merge the profiles by clicking the drop-down option and select the other user profile.

Write the name of the profile to find it faster.

If you are sure of your action, check the Confirmation box and click the [Remove profile] box.

Note: Removing duplicate profiles is irreversible.

Clicking the Delete profile box would irreversibly remove the profile's data from the system.

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