Every Opportunity needs to be reported on, Opportunity Administrators do this

Opportunity Administrators are responsible for managing and reporting on opportunities. If you have successfully added a personal interest initiative or if you are the CR Coordinator in your office and have identified local volunteering opportunities to add onto Volunteer Portal, you would automatically be appointed as the Opportunity Administrator

<<TIP>> You may not have the time or capacity to manage all of the tasks required to successfully complete a volunteering opportunity on your own and this is where team work plays an important role. 

Once your personal interest initiative or local office project is live on the Volunteer Portal, you can begin inviting your colleagues to participate in and help you manage the volunteering opportunity. This means you can add your colleagues as fellow Opportunity Administrators and share the responsibility of completing the tasks required to complete a volunteering event. 

How to add Opportunity Administrators to Opportunities

  1. Login to the Volunteer Portal

  2. Select the personal interest initiative or local office project (opportunity) that you are responsible for managing 

  3. Invite your colleagues to count in by doing either of the following 

    • Ask them to log into the Volunteer Portal and select the “Count me in” option 

    • You can add your colleagues to be participants by clicking the “Add an individual” option

  4. Once all your colleagues have counted in, navigate to the Manage Volunteers/ Manage Participants option 

  5. Find the name(s) of your colleagues that you would like to add as Opportunity Administrators

  6. Click the “shield” icon which is located to the left of the colleagues name 

  7. You will then be prompted to confirm if you are sure of your selection. Click Yes to continue 

  8. The colleagues that you have selected to be Opportunity Administrators will receive an sms and email notification to inform them that they now have the rights to manage and report on the selected personal interest initiative or local office project 

<<TIP>> You are welcome to add as many of your colleagues as you would like as Opportunity Administrators. This is particularly useful if you are a CR Coordinator managing a large event. 

Rating Opportunity Administrators

  • Opportunity Administrators are given a rating according to how well they manage a volunteering opportunity from end to end as well as their own participation in an opportunity
  • Opportunity Administrators are scored using a star rating system based on the feedback provided by opportunity participants
  • The combination of the administrative and participation scores contribute to a volunteer’s overall RISE score. A high RISE score indicates a higher social employability rating. Read more about RISE scores here

NOTE: These ratings help the Corporate Responsibility department to understand aspects of the Volunteer Programme that are being managed well and the areas where we may need to improve