Reach Initiative Submissions and Evaluations

A wide body of research confirms that employee volunteer programmes (EVPs) can boost organisational cohesion, employee wellness and even reduce training budgets. One landmark study on the topic refers to these as internal (employee motivation) and external (company reputations) effects. 

Essentially, by working on projects outside of the employees are able to boost professional skills, such as project management, in a lower-risk environment; whilst volunteerism itself helps to build teams, breaks down communication barriers and grow loyalty. 

The RISE Score captures the individual effectiveness of EVPs, thus allowing for better insights into how to manage and budget for volunteer programmes as training and wellness exercises.

The RISE Score: How We Measure Volunteer-Development. The RISE Score is a unique numerical score automatically generated for administrative users based on their:

  • Reach – the number of organisations connected with and enlisted on platform
  • Initiative – the number of volunteer opportunities created, marketed, managed and attended
  • Submissions – number and quality of reports completed and stories shared
  • Evaluations – five-star rating given to administrators by attendees at volunteer opportunities

We have taken your community goals and built these into the technology. Each of the technical processes that administrative users (ambassadors) use in order to complete the task of find and manage volunteer opportunities provides an experiential learning opportunity for a number of hard and soft skills. These learning outcomes are measurable by the successful completion of each stage of volunteer management.

 Experiential Learning Outcomes Indicated by the RISE Score:

Technical Skills

  • Computer Literacy
  • Report Writing
  • Event Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Research and Data Capturing

Soft Skills

  • Professional Communication
  • People Management
  • Personal Leadership
  • Resourcefulness and Networking
  • Scheduling and Time Management