Step 1: Identify a volunteer opportunity you would like to take part in

This can be an existing PwC organized initiative or a personal interest project. 

Remember you would need to create your own personal interest project as an opportunity on the portal if you want to volunteer for causes outside of the PwC organized initiatives. Refer to the section on “Adding your own personal interest project as a volunteer opportunity” to guide you. 

Step 2: Count in to register your interest to partake in your chosen event

Find these events on the volunteer portal, unless you are adding a personal interest initiative

Step 3: Your Line Manager Approval

Your line Manager will receive an email informing him/her of your intent to partake in your selected volunteering activities. Line Managers will receive this email irrespective of whether you choose to partake in a PwC organized initiative or for a personal interest initiative

If you post an opportunity or rsvp by clicking count me in, you will receive this email, which explains the whole process.

Step 4: Approve/Decline

Your Line Manager will review your intent to partake in a selected activity and will make a decision to approve or decline your request to volunteer.  

Step 5: You'll be Notified

You will receive an email notifying you of your Line Managers decision 

Step 6: Then you may Volunteer

An approval from your Line Manager means you are able to proceed with undertaking your selected volunteering activities. A decline from your Line Manager means you need to find alternative volunteering opportunities that are suitable to your schedule and do not conflict with work related commitments. 

Step 7: Contact to confirm

Please contact your Line Manager to resolve any questions/concerns/ queries that you may have about a decision that they have taken on your request to partake in a volunteer activity. The approval of time taken away from work to undertake volunteering activities will be at the discretion of the employee’s Line Manager. In no instance should volunteering commitments result in conflict with other work related responsibilities or create need for overtime to meet work related commitments.