CR Coordinators

This section is entirely dedicated to helping CR Coordinators navigate the Volunteer Portal and better manager the Employee Volunteer Programme in your respective office. Your role as a CR Coordinator is integral to assisting the National office in successfully achieving the outcomes of the Employee Volunteer Programme.

The Role of the CR Coordinator can be summarised as follows; 

  • Being an Employee Volunteer Programme ambassador. This includes being a point of contact for employees in your office -  offering information and guidance about volunteering  

  • Identify oprganisations/ projects within your local community where PwC can add value through volunteering our time and skills  

  • To plan, manage and facilitate volunteering events for your local office 

  • Ensure adequate and timely reporting on volunteering activities 

>> Tip: If you are unavailable to manage the facilitation of a volunteer event, appoint an opportunity administrator from the volunteer team. Follow this link to find out how Opportunity Administrator.  You will need to share what their role will be in the process. 

STEP 1: Get familiar with the portal

Get familiar with your volunteer portal by following this link: How It Works which highlights the basics of using the platform. 

We have created a step by step guide for you to follow with links to support articles. This article should help get you started and guide you through using the portal in order to fulfill your role as a CR Coordinator.

STEP 2: Supporting volunteers

These are common questions that employees may ask you relating to navigating the Volunteer Portal and the volunteering process. Use these links to answer these questions by directing employees to the appropriate sections on the Volunteer Portal. 

  1. Where can I find/access the Volunteer Portal?
  2. How does the volunteering process work? How It Works
  3. How do I create a profile?
  4. How to subscribe to specific organisations? Find them here and click subscribe on the organisation you'd like to follow:
  5. How do I register to attend a volunteering event; as well as get approval (from my Line Manager) to volunteer? Obtain Permission to Volunteer
  6. What can I do if there’s nothing on the portal that interest me? Adding Personal Interest Initiatives
  7. What do I need to know or do at the volunteering event? Read what happens on site here
  8. How do I record and report my volunteering activities? Read how to record your hours here

STEP 3Managing volunteering events

PwC Organised 
CR Coordinator Lead
Personal Interest Initiative

In most instances the National office will populate the Volunteer portal with PwC Organised volunteering opportunities which will be administered through our official programme Partner Organisations. These organisations have a national presence and as such will offer volunteering opportunities at many sites around the country.  In these instances the CR Coordinator will play a supporting function in managing volunteering events. 

In other instances the CR Coordinator may identify a local organisation where PwC can get involved.  In these instances the CR Coordinator will play a leading role in managing the volunteering events. Here is a step by step guide that will act as a checklist to help you navigate your role as a CR Coordinator in managing volunteering events
Personal interest initiatives refer to any volunteering activity organised by an individual or group of PwC employees for the benefit of any organisation outside of PwC’s selected partner organisations. In these instances the employee adding the Volunteer Opportuntiy is responsible for every aspect of the initiative

>> NOTE: For PwC Organised Events, employees simple need to click 'count me in' on the link provided and arrange to volunteer for the details of the volunteer opportunity.

PwC Organised Events - National Office

CR Coordinator will be responsible for the following;

  1. Ensure the Volunteer Opportunity is taken up locally by staff members in your office
  2. Be the Liaison for the Local branch of the Partner Organisation; which includes local logistics
  3. Reporting on the volunteer opportunity - which includes sign off of the volunteer hours

What to do if you are creating and adding an event to the Volunteer Portal 

The Organisation does not exist on the portal. The organisation you wish to engage with does not exist on the Volunteer Portal and you need to create an event in support of this organisation. Visit the section entitled Posting an Organisation for a step by step guide on how to successfully add an organisation the Volunteer Portal.  All organisations that are added to the Volunteer Portal will be taken through a moderation process before the organisation appears on the Volunteer portal. Visit the section entitled Moderation to understand how organisations are moderated. 

The Organisation is on the portal. The organisation you wish to engage with already exists on the Volunteer Portal and you want to create an event in support of this organisation  Visit the section entitled Posting an opportunity for a step by step guide on how to successfully add an opportunity to the Volunteer Portal.  All opportunities that are added to the Volunteer Portal will be taken through a moderation process before the organisation appears on the Volunteer portal. Visit the section entitled Moderation to understand how opportunities are moderated.  

Pre event 

Most organisations will have pre planned volunteer events posted on the volunteer portal. However in the event that you want to add another opportunity, you will need to search  for the organisation which you would like to add the volunteer opportunity under and add the details of the volunteer opportunity. 

>> TIP: Take note of the following

  • Travel time to and from the event is included in the time allocated for the event
  • The correct location is added 

To read more on posting an opportunity kindly follow this link: Posting an opportunity. Do note that every opportunity posted will go through a moderation process carried out by The Social Collective and will need approval from Head Office CR Manager. 

CHECKLIST: Here is a checklist to help you get started  in planning for a great volunteer opportunity Before the project

  1. Employee Check. It is very important to check the employees who have been accepted to volunteer to ensure that you have enough people for the event
  2. Find the opportunity [on the portal] under the organisation and click on manage volunteers, this will give you a list of all the employees who have counted in. Look out for the ones who have a tick indicating they have received line manager approval. Delete the ones who's line manager approval has been declined by clicking on the bin icon on the right hand side of the volunteer's name

Day of the project 

Here is a checklist to guide you through the day of the event  Day of the project

  1. Have the Printed Register in your hand. Ensure you have downloaded a signed attendance register before the event. You will get a prompt email from the portal to do so. It is critical that each volunteer signs the attendance register. Here is a guide on how to download at attendance register :Downloading an attendance register
  2. In the event that you are not available to facilitate the volunteer event, ensure you assign this duty to an opportunity administrator. Find out how here: Opportunity Administrator

Post the volunteer event

Here is a guide of what to consider Post the volunteer event

Reporting on the volunteer portal. Ensure you have the following before you begin your reporting process:

  • A signed attendance register 
  • All slips of purchases made 
  • All letters of acknowledgement for donation made from the host NGO. This needs to be on the NGO's letter head confirming the nature of donations received and the BEE status of the beneficiaries of the donations. A sample template is attached at the bottom of this article
  • A photo from the event

REPORT: Follow this link for more information on how to complete your report: How to submit a great report

In the event that you experience anything issues with the portal kindly click here for help: Trouble shooting

As mentioned above, all content posted on the volunteer portal will go through moderation. To ease that process there are issues of note captured on this article to be considered when choosing an organisation, posting opportunities as well as pictures and stories:  Moderation on content