Visualize Your Financial Contributions

The financial contributions feature helps you track contributions, donations, in-kind donations, leverage contributions and management costs to run programs, projects and events

Once your users have completed their reports of projects or events, you'll get access to the financial amounts in various categories — along with descriptions and proofs (which may be slips, receipts, and pictures). To make it easy for you, The Social Collective makes this data easy to report on by offering visualization and export reports. This is what it can do.

Limit by

You can limit the data with three variables:

  1. Organisation(s)
  2. Activity type
  3. Data range


You can visualize the data in three ways.

  1. Full table data
  2. Pie chart
  3. Historic line chart
  4. Summary table
  5. Sankey diagram

Full table data

Pie chart

Historic line chart


Sankey Diagram

You can also opt to download the data as CSV (comma-separated values) or XLSX (a file extension for an open XML spreadsheet by Microsoft Excel).

Types of Contributions

There are four types of contributions that can be tracked:

  1. Cash donations
    • The gross monetary amount paid to support the opportunity.
  2. Third party donations (leveraged contributions)
    • The financial value of third party donations or leverage contributions.
    • It includes payroll and fundraising.
  3. Management costs
    • The costs of project management used for the event. These include transport, refreshments, project materials, and incidentals.
    • By uploading your receipts, you're able to track the source of each cost.
  4. In-Kind donations
    • The value of all in-kind contributions.
    • It includes equipment, property, and other non-cash contributions.

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