All volunteers have a personal responsibility with regard to their health & safety as follows:

  1. To be familiar with the PwC Health & Safety standards and procedures it contains and to co-operate and implement its contents.
  2. To respect and adhere to the host organisation’s rules, codes of conduct and site policies.
  3. To make their own informed decision on whether or not to get involved in a project and consider the effects of existing health conditions, e.g. asthma if involved in painting inside a building.
  4. To work with due care and attention at all times. Whilst it is the management's responsibility to provide and maintain the necessary equipment for safe working, it is equally the volunteer’s responsibility to use that equipment properly.
  5. Not to operate equipment unless the employee is trained and authorised to do so.
  6. To report any hazards and defective equipment.
  7. To develop a personal concern for the safety of themselves and others.
  8. To report all accidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences.
  9. To raise any safety matter with the appropriate person.