PwC organised initiatives refer to the volunteer events that are organised by and are administered by the Corporate Responsibility department through PwC’s selected partner organisations. 

Personal interest initiatives refer to any volunteering activity organised by an individual or group of PwC employees for the benefit of any organisation outside of PwC’s selected partner organisations. 

Adding a personal interest initiative on the Volunteer Portal:

Step 1: Create an organisation on the volunteer portal for moderation

  • Refer to the section entitled Adding Organisations for a step by step guide on how to successfully add an organisation on the Volunteer Portal 
  • Organisations that are added to the portal as personal interest initiatives will undergo moderation before they can appear on the Volunteer Portal. Refer to the section entitled "Moderation of personal interest initiatives" [below] for a guide on the criteria that will be used to moderate your personal interest initiatives

Step 2: Post an opportunity

Refer to the section entitled Posting Opportunities for a step by step guide on how to successfully post an opportunity for a personal interest initiative on the Volunteer portal.

  • Once an opportunity is created for a personal interest initiative it will undergo moderation before the opportunity is live. Your line manager will receive a notification to evaluate your request [as this may qualify for volunteer leave]; you will receive a notification of the outcome of the request. Line Manager Approval applies, please read more here

Step 3: Counting into your personal interest initiative opportunity

In order to successfully complete a personal interest initiative, these are the various compliance tasks that must be adhered to: 

  1. Validating a personal interest initiative: All personal interest initiatives must have undergone moderation and approved by the Volunteer Portal Administrators before being recognised as a legitimate volunteering opportunity on the Volunteer Portal
  2. Obtaining approval to volunteer: Once a personal interest initiative has successfully been added to the Volunteer Portal as a legitimate volunteering opportunity, all employees who wish to partake in the opportunity will need to obtain Line Manager approval prior to undertaking any activities as part of this opportunity. Visit the section on obtaining Line Manager approval for a step by step guide on how to get approval from your Line Manager
  3. Managing attendance: Opportunity Administrators are responsible for ensuring that only colleagues with Line Manager approval partake in the volunteering opportunity. A summary of Line Manager approval status can be obtained by accessing the “Manage Volunteers” section under the personal interest initiative on the Volunteer Portal. Only those colleagues with approved Line Manger status can proceed with partaking in the volunteering opportunity
  4. Validating time spent: Each person who partakes in a personal interest initiative is required to provide evidence of the time they have spent partaking in the volunteering opportunity. Each volunteer will therefore be required to confirm their attendance and the time spent volunteering by signing an attendance register. This attendance register must also be signed and stamped by a representative of the organisation that has benefitted from the time donated by PwC. Opportunity Administrators are responsible for ensuring an attendance register is available onsite at all personal interest initiatives. A template of the attendance register is available for download on the Volunteer Portal (which will be automatically email to you 2 days before the event) read more here
  5. Share your experience: participants are encouraged to 'submit feedback' to capture their experience after each volunteering opportunity, an SMS and email will be sent to you promoting your "How was your volunteering?" In addition, participants are also encouraged to share pictures of their experience on the Volunteer Portal, this is done by adding 'Stories'
  6. Reporting: Upon completion of a volunteering opportunity, Opportunity Administrators are required to ensure that an opportunity report has been submitted on the Volunteer Portal within 24 hours. Follow this link for a step by step guide of how to complete an opportunity report 

Step 3: Attending and completing your personal interest initiative

In order to complete the process for Volunteer Leave time and the Opportunity to be successful there are a few compliance steps that need to be adhered to:

  1. Your Line Manager must approve your attendance at the given Volunteer Opportunity before the event occurs - this will be communicated to you via emails (from the Volunteer Portal) and can be seen on the management panel 'Manage Volunteers' on the portal, read more here under step 3
  2. The Volunteer Opportunity must be approved by the Volunteer Portal Administrators. You will receive communication from the Volunteer Portal to this effect; or do check with the CR team or contact support by following the steps here, under accessing the portal
  3. At the event or volunteering activity, you'll need clearly document proof for your time to count. The Volunteer Portal will provide an attendance register which must be signed by all volunteered and signed off by the organisation. 
  4. Have the organisation sign and where possible stamp the attendance register confirming the time of arrival and departure
  5. After the event, ensure you complete the report within 24 hours with photos uploaded
  6. Add a story and share it with your colleagues

>> NOTE: Employees who fail to provide the appropriate evidence will result in leave taken from work being credited as “unpaid leave".

Moderation of Personal Interest Initiatives

All personal interest initiative opportunities are subject to strict moderation requirements and require approval before they can be taken up; please ensure you cover all the requirements as follows:

  1. The organisation which you would like to volunteer with has a full organisation profile on the Volunteer Portal; organisation close to your heart and home are welcomed
  2. The Volunteer Activity must be added to the Volunteer Portal, please ensure you understand and that the content you are adding, meets the requirements of:
    1. Moderation
    2. Policy and Guidelines
  3. Every organisation added will go through a validation process carried out by The CR Team

Run over the FAQs if you are still not sure or contact the CR team by making a support ticket on this support portal, some highlights to help guide you: 

  • Organisation needs to be registered according to the volunteer policy
  • The following are not allowed:
    • Groups that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation
    • Religious activities, initiatives or programmes
    • Political organisations, advocacy and lobbying activities 
    • Religious activities or sectarian programmes in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering religious doctrines 

    • Organisations perceived to be associated with the promotion of illegal substances or activities

  • Volunteer Opportunity events must happen during normal PwC working hours 
  • Time allocated for the opportunity includes travel time to and from the beneficiary location