All content is moderated

Here are a few considerations to have in mind when moderating content on the volunteer platform to ensure that all data is captured correctly

NGO Partners / Organisations

  • Does the organisation fit within the PwC focus areas? 
  • Are the demographics of the beneficiaries diverse?
  • Is there an opportunity for further engagements with the organisation to build sustainability?
  • Are there any reputation risk factors to be considered before engaging with the organisation?
  • Proximity to the PwC office ( a maximum travel time of 1 hour should be considered)

Volunteer Opportunities

When posting and moderating volunteer opportunities take the following into consideration 

  • The opportunity description is clear and precise
  • Time and date are correct according to project plans 
  • Confirm travel time to the site and back has been added into the time period stipulated for the volunteer event 
  • The location flag is correct on the map
  • The right outcomes have been selected to align with global reporting indicators
  • Applicants requirements where necessary are clearly defined


Stories are a powerful way to communicate the volunteering that happened and communicate the volunteers experience of the event. Always encourage volunteers to post their stories with photos. This content will be great for your marketing team. The following needs to be taken into consideration

  • Content posted is not offensive in any way
  • Photos are clear: In the event that children are involved, the photos should not show their faces in compliance with child protection policies and acts. If there is an absolute need for photos to be taken of the children, consent should be received in writing from the children's guardians beforehand. This can be organised with the host organisation
  • Content captures the essence of the event and the experience. Any complaints need to be addressed in the feedback section not stories