Reporting Time

Well done on keeping it all together and delivering a fantastic volunteer experience for the team and the beneficiary. We have put together a simple guide to help you capture all the important details.

  1. Complete your report on the volunteer platform. For tips on how to get this done click here for more details
  2. Review results from the feedback collected at the project. You can send a request for feedback once you have completed your report. Click (link) to find out how to request feedback
  3. Remember to gather and record any anecdotal evaluation (i.e., stories shared during reflection and observations made during the project).
  4. Set a follow-up meeting with project leaders for the next week
  5. Assess the work completed
  6. Determine if the needs of the organisation were met. If there are any unmet needs,discuss how and when they will be addressed
  7. Identify how to improve the project next time
  8. Send follow-up correspondence to volunteers