Pre project checklist

Project Details

  • Confirm the project details with the NGO partner
  • Confirm a contingency plan in case of bad weather
  • Meet with the project team and go over details to ensure nothing has been missed
  • Print out the event brief with tasks to be completed

Access to the event site

  • Confirm the address listed on the platform with the host organisation
  • Confirm trip details with the transport company
  • Secure safe parking for the volunteers 
  • Ensure a safe space for volunteers to store personal belongings 
  • Check adequate bathroom facilities with the host organisation

Tools and Materials

  • Confirm all materials and tools have been delivered 
  • Confirm all essential safety gear is available if need be (gloves, masks, aprons)


  • Print out the offline attendance register 
  • Have a pen and spare copies just in case
  • Provide a contact person in case there is an emergency of cancellation 
  • Communicate attire needed


  • Provide enough water and snacks for the volunteers
  • Take note of any dietary needs and cater appropriately
  • Schedule in breaks in the event plan