Line Managers Checks and Tasks


PwC’s commitment to being a responsible business is demonstrated through our commitment to building relationships and creating value in the communities in which we operate. Our Employee Volunteer Programme is designed to enable our people to lend their time and professional skills to the benefit of our communities, on which our business depends.

As a line manager you play a key roll in assisting us in our commitment to create value through the PwC Employee Volunteering program. Any employee wanting to take up a volunteer opportunity will need their line managers approval being being accepted for the opportunity. If the approval is not responded to, the employee cannot take up the volunteer opportunity. 

How it works:

As a line manager you will receive an email like this one 

For existing Supported volunteer Opportunities: 

If it is a volunteer Opportuntiy that the staff member is adding:

>>TIP:  If the time requested does not conflict with urgent business duties please go ahead and approve the request. In the event that there is a clash in schedules, kindly decline the request. 

What you need to do:

NB: Accept or Reject to allow the process to carry on

We are keeping an eye on Line Manager compliance:

We will be in touch with Line Manager that are keeping staff from volunteering by not replying to the volunteer requests.

The employee will receive a notification with the outcome. In the event that you are away from the office, kindly designate an alternative contact person to carry out this duty.