Contribute by telling your community a story

How to share my story

You can view the stories by clicking stories from any of the menus. In order to post your own stories, you will need to be logged in

  1. Login
  2. Click Stories
  3. Write and upload. One image or many
  4. Click Share now
  5. [Depending on your platform's setting] your post will then be moderated
  6. Once approved, your story goes live

More about Stories 
Stories is an important tool that you have to share some real-world experiences of your opportunities. Stories allow platform users and new volunteers to see, hear and read about some of the great things that happen at Opportunities. This is also a great tool for developing PR, Marketing and Journalism skills, and this helps boost your 'social employability profile' with the RISE score.

What qualifies as a story?
  • Short stories or status updates summarising what happened at an opportunity, or describing a personal experience of the opportunity
  • A photograph of the opportunity
  • Links to other media about your opportunity – if it was featured in a newspaper, magazine or website – you can add the link it on your Stories feed with a sentence or two describing what it is
  • A mix of media! The Stories feed is the space where ambassadors can get creative and share the stories that best show the world what volunteering looks and feels like
NOTE: Stories are not the same as Reports for Opportunities. Please read this article if you need help posting and completing your event report