Find an available Volunteer Opportunity

Find 'your' Volunteer Opportunity

We have made it easy for you to get started. Simply navigate to the Opportunities page and find what interests you.  

Searching and Filtering

You are able to do the following to find something that is perfect for you:

  • Search with keywords - this about the title or description of your idea volunteer opportunity. Look out for the spinner on the right of the search bar. It searchers as you type, to highlight opportunities that match your keywords. Scroll down the list it generates.
  • Filter based on Interests - Select what you'd like to contribute your time to.
  • Filter by How Often - is it only once-off, weekly or monthly? Select opportunities based on your time constraints.
  • Filter by a specific date - maybe you only have a gap next week. Select the date by using the date filter feature.

Search by location on the Map

Filter by a location >> click the orange 'draw on map' button >>> mouse over your desired area on the map >> click 'Confirm'

Search by Calendar View

Scroll down and view what works for you on the calendar.

Nothing for you there?

You are welcome to add something you have previously volunteered in, as an 'Opportunity'. To do this follow these steps:

Scroll all the way to the bottom >> click Add an Opportunity >> Complete the form >>  Await Moderation Feedback and/or Approval >> Take the steps to get the report submitted