Do you have, or know of, organisations that need exposure and support? 

It is better to create a profile for that organisation and multiple opportunities for it - as this makes it easier for the organisation to manage and measure its activities. Now you need to create profiles for the organisations on the platform. Once they've been created, you can then create and managing opportunities for them. Here's how.  [Moderation and Vetting may apply]

How to Upload Organisations

  1. Login
  2. Find and Click Organisation
  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom and then click Add a new organisation
  4. Complete the form to create the organisation
  5. [Depending on your platform] It may go into a Moderation and Verification Queue

What details do I need to add?

This will take you to a form that you need to fill out to create the organisation’s profile. The organisation will not be created unless all the required information is filled in. Required information includes: 

  • Organisation name – If you are creating an organisation for a group of people who are coming together for a cause then the organisation name is the group’s name.
  • Physical Address – Click here if you’re having trouble finding the organisation’s address.
  • Contact Person and Number - Add the contact details of the person who will be in charge of coordinating opportunities
  • Industry – Select an option from the list provided. Industry tells us what the organisation does.
  • Mission – This is usually found on the organisation’s website. If there is no mission stated, write your own sentence describing what the organisation is in involved in
  • When you’ve completed as much of the organisation’s details as possible, click the [Create Organisation] button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

How to Add Opportunities to the new Organisation
  • After you’ve added your organisation go back to the Home Page and click [Opportunities], or click on Opportunities in the management section on the left-hand side of the platform.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the green [Add a new opportunity] button. This will take you to a form where you will need to fill out the details of the opportunity.
  • Under 'Organisation', you will select the organisation you’ve just added from the drop-down list, because you are creating an opportunity for that organisation. 
  • Ensure that all opportunity titles are relevant and correct. Read: How To Write a Good Opportunity to make sure everything is written and formatted correctly.
  • The description of the opportunity is where you add more detailed information about the event. The description should tell people about the organisation, who the opportunity is aimed at, what volunteers will be doing, how long it will take and if they need to bring anything with them.
  • When all the information is filled out, click the blue [Add Activity] button to save your organisation’s new opportunity. Next, read up on How To Manage Opportunities and Participants.

<<TIP>> The next time you want to add opportunities for this organisation, use the Quick Add button on your profile page (see below). When you use Quick Add, your subscribers will not be notified, and you will still need to edit the details of the opportunity on the Opportunity's page.