Ahead of the opportunity you’ve been planning for, there are a few things you need to do to be able to run a successful event and successfully complete your report. We've put this guide together to help you keep track of the things you need to do on and off the platform. 

Click on the links below to read more about each step, and skip the points that do not apply to your event.

Before the Opportunity

  • Do you need a permit for your event? If you are hosting an event in a public space- such as a concert in a park – you will need to get permission from the city council. Ask the organisation to help with this. If you're in Johnannesburg or Cape Town, Information for event permits can be found here: Events in Jo’burg or Events in Cape Town
  • Do people need parking? Find out from the venue if parking will be available, and if there is a sign clearly indicating where the parking is. You can also suggest that they tie a balloon to the venue entrance so that people do not miss it.
  • Do people need to bring their IDs or passports to enter the venue? Find out from the organisation first and communicate this with your participants through the “SMS and Email” function on the Opportunity Page.
  • Do you know where the bathrooms are? Ask the venue if there is a sign for the bathrooms, so that your volunteers do not get lost. If they do not have one, ask if they can print/make one. When you get to the venue make sure you know where the bathrooms are so that you can direct volunteers there.

Opportunity Day Preparation

  1. Remind participants – of time, venue, if they need to bring anything
  2. Download the offline attendance register 
  3. Confirm logistics with your venue – time, snacks, internet (whatever your opportunity needed when you set it up)
  4. Collect materials - if you need paper, pens, worksheets or electronic equipment, make a list of these things and make sure you have them all by the day before the event. It is not fun to be running around on the day of the event getting things. 
  5. Charge your phone or camera (to capture Stories) or invite someone along to be a photographer, or journalist, on the day. This is a good opportunity for someone in your community who is interested in community journalism. 
  6. Get there on time, greet the manager of the organisation and introduce yourself to others who are there.
  7. Have fun! Take pictures, Tweet about it and share the fun on Facebook with the hashtag: #thesocialcollective

Some Questions You May Have

1. What do I wear?

Depending on what type of event it is, you should wear something comfortable and presentable. Ask the organisation if they have specific requirements or any clothing they would like you to wear.

- For a more formal event, black clothing and closed shoes – or your Sunday clothing – are good options. A school uniform works too if you are really unsure.

- For a less formal, outdoors or sporty event, wear something comfortable that you can run around in.

When you’re not sure – wear black. 

Always remember that as an Ambassador you are representing yourself, the organisation whose event you’re hosting, as well as The Social Collective.

2. What about transport and food?

Unless you have organised snacks and transport with the venue – or acquired a sponsor for this – you will need to organise food and transport to the event for yourself. You are not expected to provide food or transport for all participants.

If it is a longer event and you would like food to be provided, speak to the venue. Community centres, schools and faith-based centres usually have the facility for catering, and they may have a budget for food – especially if your event is going to help them out.

Make sure you communicate the arrangement to your participants who count in 1 or 2 days before the event. You don’t want people to arrive hungry or late!

Try this email or phone call to ask about food and/or transport:


I am organising the event on [date] for [how many people]. We will be at your location from [start time] to [end time] and I would like to find out if you will be able to help us provide snacks and/or drinks to our participants. They are very excited to assist your organisation, so we do not want them to lose energy halfway through the day. 

Additionally, are you able to help with transport to bring volunteers to the venue and drop them off at a central point? 

Please let me know so I can communicate with everyone attending. Any assistance with food and transport will help to ensure that people arrive on time and participate well, but if you are unable to help with these that’s okay too. 

Kind regards,

[Your name]

3. When do I need to complete the report by?

You will receive an automatic email the day after your event to remind you to complete the report. You will need to complete it and submit it for approval no later than 2 days after the event, so please make sure you have enough data or access to a computer and internet to do this.

Read here for help on reporting and uploading scanned attendance registers.