The opportunity is over and now you need to record the good work you've done, for yourself and your stakeholders. After your opportunity has been held, you (or the Opportunity Administrator) will receive an email reminder to complete the report for it. This article will help you report on large groups of attendees. 
For a full guide on how to complete a report, please read this article: After the Opportunity.

Refresher: Steps to Opportunity Reporting
As part of completing the report, you will need to:
  1. download and print the attendance register PDF (only if you did not do this before the opportunity)
  2. fill out the attendance register for the opportunity
  3. upload your scanned register
  4. rate each participant
  5. note issues and successes about the opportunity

Reporting on Large Groups of Participants 

If your opportunity had many people attending, you can report on them "in bulk" to save time and reduce errors. We call this Bulk Attendance Reporting. Here's what to do:

1. Either click on the link in your report-reminder email, or Log In and go to >> Organisations >> [Your Organisation] >> Manage 

2. From your Organisation dashboard, scroll down to the Opportunity that you are reporting on (see below). Click on the name of the opportunity to take you to the Opportunity information page. 

 3. Click on [Do Reporting], select the name of the person who will be doing the reporting from the drop-down box and click 'Next'. 

4. On step two of the reporting page there are two buttons above the attendance report cards: [Show individual] and [Show Bulk]. 

5. Click Show Bulk and edit the blue card with the heading ‘Bulk Edit’. If you fill out the hours attended and outcomes achieved on this card it will automatically change for every individual. This saves you the time if you will be filling out the same hours and outcomes for every individual. 

When you are done, click the Show Bulk card again to edit each individual’s attendance. You should still take the time to provide individual feedback through the comments box on each individual's card as this will only help them improve.