Now that you have added your subscribers to your Organisation, you can bulk-add them to Opportunities that you create. This article helps you manage existing subscribers and lists some tips for growing your subscriber network.

Managing Subscribers

After creating your opportunity, click on "Manage Volunteers" on the opportunity management pane on the left of the screen. You can add participants one-at-a-time or in Bulk. To add many existing subscribers, click the "Bulk add subscribers to this opportunity" button (see below). You will be able to select volunteers from the list of Subscribers who are already uploaded as subscribers to your organisation. Tick the names of the people you want to add to the opportunity and they will be automatically notified when you finish saving the opportunity. They will receive an email and SMS notification with a link to “Count In” to the opportunity.

This is also where you tag your participants with any information that helps you categorise them for your reporting needs. Read about tagging here.

You can also make a subscriber an Opportunity Administrator by clicking the shield button next to their name. You will be asked if you are sure you want to make this person an Opp Admin (see below). Click Yes, and that person's shield will go from grey to yellow to indicate that they are now an Opportunity Administrator. That person will also receive a notification to inform of this. Read more about adding Opportunity Admins here.

Growing your list of subscribers

Volunteers on our platforms are always looking for opportunities that match their interests, passions and skills. One of the easiest ways to make sure your organisation attracts new subscribers is to do the following:

  • Post opportunities! The more opportunities you upload, the more your organisation will feature on the front pages of the platform, and the more visibility you’ll gain.
  • Share your Opportunities on Social Media, with friends, family and colleagues. Share the URLs (links) of the Opportunities you create by copy + pasting them to your social media, or send the links to people who can help you spread the word.
  • Create and share stories after each Opportunity is held. Stories are important to show the public what the real experience of volunteering with you is like.
  • Make sure your organisation’s information is up to date and accurate. Include your mission and interests to make you more visible to volunteers with similar interests. Read this for help on filling out your Organisation’s profile.

How can I tell if people are interested in my opportunities?

The number of subscribers your organisation has is an important indicator of how many people are interested in your organisation and opportunities. There are a few ways to check how many subscribers your organisation has on the platform.

  1. You get an email notification each time someone clicks Subscribe on your organisation. From that email, you will then be able to add your new subscriber to an opportunity (as described above).
  2. To keep an eye on the total number of subscribers you have, log in, go to Organisations and click on the organisation you want to check...

... On the organisation’s dashboard you will be able to see the total number of subscribers your organisation has. If you want to see their details, click on the [Subscriber] buttonThis will bring up a list of all the people who have subscribed to your organisation (see below).

Automatic Notification for Quick RSVPs

When you post an opportunity and add subscribers to them, you will be able to track how many people have signed up (clicked “Count In”) for the opportunity by downloading the offline attendance register before the opportunity/activity happens. You can judge how many people clicked the “Count In” link in their opportunity notification, by how many people’s names are on the offline register (shown below). If you need more volunteers, you can share the opportunity link again or send a reminder to your subscribers to sign up before the event.