Every Opportunity needs to be reported on, Give Opportunity Administrators the powers

What can Opportunity Administrators do?

If you’re an administrator of your organisation or opportunity, you will be posting, managing and reporting on opportunities most of the time (i.e: Administrating). You may not always have time to do all of this. It's a good idea to add more people to be administrators for opportunities. They will be given the platform tools to help you create, manage and report on specific opportunities. This is especially useful if you are managing a large number of opportunities, or if there are specific people in your organisation responsible for managing opportunities.

<< TIP >> Being an Opportunity Administrators is the best way to increase your R.I.S.E Score

How to add Opportunity Administrators to Opportunities

  1. Login
  2. Select the Opportunity you would like to manage
  3. Then navigate to Manage Volunteers. From the left hand menu or '2. Manage Participants'
  4. Find the volunteer or user which you would like to make the Opportunity Administrator
    1. If they are not there, ask them to click 'Count me in' on the Opportunity. This can be done by clicking sharing the 'view and share URL' or simply click 'Add an individual' then you can give them the rights
  5. Click the 'Shield' icon, which is is the left of the users name
  6. When promoted 'are you sure?' click Yes
  7. An SMS and email will go to that user and give them the right to manage and report on that opportunity

Adding a user to then be the Opportunity Admin

Adding opportunity administrators (Opp Admins) requires the person’s email address and mobile number. This will send an automated email and text inviting the person to become an administrator of the specific opportunity. 

NOTE: They will need to be reminded to check their spam folders for the email (in case they do not see it in their inboxes)

Are you sure?


You will then be asked if you're sure you want to add this person as an Opp Admin. When you click "Yes" (shown below), the Shield button with turn Gold and that person will now be able to manage the opportunity and report on it.

What next?

The person you make an Opportunity Administrator will receive an email and SMS notification, requesting that you’ve added them as administrators. In the case of Quick Adding, they will receive an email themselves, and you will be able tag them as Administrators from your organisation’s Quick Stats page. You will then be able to rate the administrator according to their management of the opportunities. This contributes to their RISE Score, and is a tool to help you evaluate your team’s effectiveness.

How are Opportunity Administrators rated?

Opp Admins. are given an two ratings. One for their own participation in opportunities (as an ordinary attendee) and one as an administrator of opportunities. 

The admin score is a star-rating based on the average of the feedback your attendees provide about your opportunities. Both scores then contribute to their RISE scores as platform users. The higher the score, the higher their social employability (indication of professional development). Read about Feedback here