How do you get people to know about your Opportunity without spending too much time, money or data? Social media is a good tool.
When you create your Opportunity, it will have its own page, like a Facebook event. You can share the link to this page in two ways:

  1. Direct Sharing or Embedding: Take the link for your Opportunity (see below) and add it to the following online channels you may have: emails, newsletter, WhatsApps Groups etc.
  2. On your Website: if you have a ‘volunteer/events’ section – add it there. Ask your webmaster or IT person to ‘hyperlink’ the URL on your website (see below for the URL highlighted). 

Get Social!

We have made it easy for you to share the opportunity on social media to attract more subscribers and to give your existing subscribers something to share.

Click the Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn or Email icon to share directly from your opportunity (see below).

What will happen? 

Your social media audience will click the link and come right back to this opportunity page. They’ll be asked to create an account or login, and they will need to click [Count me in]. Once they have done this, you will get a notification and they will appear on your ‘Manage Participants‘ tab for the opportunity.

<<Tips>> for sharing to social media

For example, when you click the Facebook share button, this box pops up and lets you write a message to add to the opportunity. This is where you write a line or two to advertise the opportunity to your Facebook followers. See the example below. 

RSS Feeds

Do you want more automatic updates to be pushed to your community? We provide RSS Feeds (automatically published content feeds) where you can have this content published to your website. Please contact us (hello@thesocialcollective) to request this.