Also known as Quarterly Reports, Automated Engagement Reports is a feature of The Social Collective that allows individuals and organisations to generate reports of all an organisation’s or community’s performance data over a specified date-range. 

The data reported in each report includes: 

  • number of opportunities (events) held by organisation
  • number of events organisation has reported on
  • hours invested
  • how many beneficiaries were reached (new subscribers, attendees)
  • RISE Scores of members, indicating composite skills gained towards employability

The reporting function also includes a section to provide qualitative feedback on the period being reported on. 

Together with the qualitative and quantitative data pulled from existing records donors, you’ll be able to quickly generate comprehensive reports for directors, investors and other stakeholders.

How is this different to traditional M&E Reporting?

80% of the information needed for you report is gathered and formatted for you through the platform. The report is merely your executive summary of the activities in your network: user activity, network growth, events posted and reported on, hours invested and skills acquired and outcomes gained.

You have the power to define these indicators according to your goals.