Where do I go to post an opportunity?

There are a few ways for you to post an opportunity quickly and easily, so it can be counted immediately.

From your Profile

<<TIP>> Login to get started, as you will be prompted to login to perform this action

Click on your 'Profileand click the 'Find Opportunities' button.

This will take you to the Opportunities page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the 'Add an Opportunity' button.

Complete the form to create an Opportunity.

NOTE: Once you create an Opportunity, you are responsible for managing it and ensuring it is reported on correctly

Managing your Opportunity

You've clicked [Add Opportunity]. Now what?


You'll be on the Opportunity Management Page. You will need to fill in details about the opportunity, such as:

  • A Title and Description - Avoid using ALL CAPS in your title, or too many punctuation marks such as "School Tutoring!!!!" (these make it looks like you're shouting). Make your title short and informative, such as "Tutors Needed for ABC Primary School"
  • Date, Time and Frequency - What date and time does this start and end? Is this happening every day/week/month or just once? 
  • Venue and Address-  Read more about adding correct addresses here.
  • Outcomes - What do you want people to learn or gain from this experience? Pick from a list or add your own, which will be stored by the platform and remembered for future use. Remember to click [+ Add Option] to save each one. If you have an existing programme with target outcomes you can list the target skills planned for each session.
  • Type of Activity - What type of event is this? A lesson? A workshop? A training? Pick an option from the drop-down list
  • Stipend - indicate if there will be a stipend (allowance or payment) given to attendees. If you are uncertain, leave the block blank

Once you've added all the details of your event, you can then move on to [Managing Participants] and notifying subscribers about it. If you need to edit the details of the event, you can do that. Read this article to find out about editing opportunity details.


Private Opportunities and Automated Notifications

Private opportunities are those you do not want to share with the public. By marking the Opportunity "Private" on the Sharing and Notification page, only your organisation’s subscribers will receive a notification about it, and it will not appear on the public Opportunity Page.